another bunny

That was Pam calling me from downstairs.
I was still in bed trying to not get out of bed and start my day.
This wasn’t Pam’s usual greeting though.

“Steve! Cooper’s got something in his mouth!”
I thought “Oh god! Not again.”
Cooper is our big blond Golden Retriever.
If “something” wasn’t disgusting, Pam wouldn’t be calling me.

I stumbled downstairs in my robe.
I got to the den and looked thru the glass door that leads to the deck.
Cooper was sitting, looking back at me with a bunny in his mouth.
Cooper had the bunny by the neck and the bunny wasn’t moving.
Pam and I agreed: That’s a dead bunny.

First things first.
We took a picture and posted it to facebook with the caption “Wabbit season”.

I then did all that I was dressed to do at that point.
I got close to the glass door, looked Cooper in the eye and said “Leave it!”
Didn’t work.

I didn’t want to be chasing Cooper around the back yard in my robe, so I threw on a pair of jeans, slippers and a unclean shirt.
I slid the door open enough for me to get out without Cooper getting in.
Cooper moved around a bit but I got hold of him by the collar behind his neck.
Now what?

Let’s see. I grab the bunny, Cooper lets go, I send Cooper inside and give the bunny a christian burial?
No. There are 2 things wrong with that.
1) I’d have to touch the bunny, and
2) I pull on the bunny, Cooper pulls on the bunny, I pull harder, Cooper pulls harder, the bunny tears in half and we get covered in bunny guts.
Something else then.

As I’m thinking about this, Cooper is looking around.
He gets distracted by something and drops the bunny.
Drops the bunny!

Cooper lunged to the deck to pick up the bunny.
I pull on his collar, hoping that I’m fast enough to prevent the bunny’s recapture.
It works. Now I have a bunny on the deck and I’m holding Cooper on his hind legs by his collar.
I turn and put him down away from the bunny.

I drag Cooper inside and then bury the bunny just like the other one.

Pam was surprised by Cooper’s hunting ability.
I wasn’t so sure. I was thinking that he’d just found a dead bunny.
Pam pointed out that the bunny’s eyes had not discolored so that meant that the bunny was freshly dead.

Pam told her friend Sue about this.
Sue said “Look at the way the bunny’s body has flopped around! There’s no rigor at all.That’s fresh, that is!”

Cooper. The mighty hunter.

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