Boomer, R.I.P.

We lost another dog. This time it was Boomer. When we lost Koda, it was after watching him decline all summer and was sort of a relief when we had him put down.

We didn’t have that kind of preparation with Boomer. The first symptom was that his appetite was off. Since this was just after Koda died, we just assumed that this was some kind of doggy depression.

Boomer’s appetite got worse and he was getting really thin. Pam took him to the vet. The first vet said that she didn’t know and gave Boomer some antibiotics. 2 weeks later, with no improvement, Pam took Boomer in for a second opinion. This time they examined Boomer’s blood and x-rays. The vet was convinced that Boomer was dying and that there was no hope. We tried a cortisone shot to see if that would at least make Boomer comfortable for a little while. The shot did help his appetite a bit but Boomer was vomiting a lot even if he did eat. We took Boomer in again and he was gone.

I’m sometimes amazed at how inept some folks in the pet industry can be with dogs. I’ve seen vet techs and groomers try to move Boomer around without his cooperation. We’d be sitting in the waiting room and they would grab Boomer’s leash and try to pull him wherever they wanted. Since Boomer was in a strange place he was reluctant to leave my side. Instead of trying to convince Boomer that going with them was a good idea, they’d pull harder. Boomer would sit down, push his front paws down in front of him and anchor himself. Boomer’s collar would wind up tight against his jaw and he’d have a pretty determined look on his face.

One solution that I’d offer is to ask them where they wanted Boomer to be and then I’d walk there.
Another would be to suggest that they try to ask Boomer (“Here doggy!”).
I supposed that it would have been easier if I’d left but I was worried that if they were this boneheaded when I was around, then they might be worse when I wasn’t.

Boomer often seemed to look both serious and disheveled. This was in contrast to Koda’s typical goofball look. If Boomer had been a human in a suit, the suit would have been badly wrinkled and one corner of the shirt collar would have been turned up.

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One Response to Boomer, R.I.P.

  1. wannabe says:

    I remember corwin was really sad when boomer died 😦

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