The Continuing Adventures of Steve and Pam – 2010


We flew down to Orlando to visit Becky (our good friend as well as Morgan’s mom-in-law) for her birthday. After visiting for a few days, we drove down to Fort Meyers to visit Pam’s mom and step-dad for a couple of days. What we didn’t tell Becky was that we were going to drive back to Orlando, pick up her kids at the airport and surprise her with them at her birthday dinner. Becky’s brother and sister-in-law helped with the lies and deceit. Becky was both surprised and happy.


Corwin moved to a new place. A friend of Corwin bought a house and put up a couple of rooms to rent. It’s a much nicer place than Corwin was in before. He seems quite happy with it.


Pam, Steve and Corwin were supposed to go to Pam’s family reunion over in Kansas. Unfortunately, Steve was having some difficulty with work and couldn’t leave. Pam and Corwin managed to have a good time despite Steve’s absence. Pam and Corwin were also able to spend some time with Pam’s brother Scott and his family. Pam’s Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Allen hosted them for a few nights and took them out on the boat and had a nice visit.
Steve’s work eased up by the July 4th weekend and Steve was able to catch up with Pam in Chicago. They spent some time with Morgan’s in-laws and had a great weekend.


Our niece, Laura and her boyfriend, Brian, came to Toronto to visit for a couple of weeks. We drove over to see them. While we were there, we also went to Nikhil’s 5th birthday party. We also visited with most of Steve’s brothers.


Steve got himself in a dog fight that left him with some impressive scars on his right forearm.

Amway, Steve’s employer, sent Steve to China for a week to help the Chinese affiliate install some software. It seems that there was no one else in all of Asia and America who could do the kind of work that Steve does. The good news is that Steve hasn’t let it get to his head.
Steve tried to learn some of the language but he didn’t pick up much and it didn’t stick.
The locals also tried to show Steve some of their more exotic foods. Steve managed to swallow most of it but some of it was a real struggle.
Fortunately for Steve, there was a McDonald’s next door to the hotel. (It was a nice, really fancy five star hotel that we would never pay for with our own money)

While Steve was in China, Pam went to San Diego to attend Morgan’s graduation from the Marine’s Recruiter school. Morgan and Beth then had to move from San Diego to Evansville, Indiana, where Morgan would begin his career as a recruiter. They had a moving company move most of their stuff. Their 2 cars were handled differently. Morgan and Beth drove 1 car, Becky and Pam drove the other. Morgan and Beth then spent September visiting everybody since they’d had to miss out a lot when they were in San Diego.


Morgan and Beth continued their tour of the mid-west and the East coast. At one point, they stopped in Grand Rapids for a couple of days.


Morgan and Beth bought their first house. It’s a nice house. While it needs some work, they are able to move into it and be comfortable.

We flew to Vegas to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We stayed at Caesar’s Palace, checked out the new bridge that goes in front of Hoover Dam, saw a Penn and Teller show, explored the Strip and even gambled. We were up $1.50 but then we blew it all. We should have quit while we were ahead.

Soon after we got back, Pam dashed off with her massage night ladies to Chicago for wine and a chocolate tour. There wasn’t much chocolate.

Then we dashed off to Morgan and Beth’s for Thanksgiving. Beth gave us a great meal. Pam and Becky went Black Friday shopping at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. Steve took Morgan and Beth to breakfast and then Beth went to join Pam and Becky for post-daylight shopping.

We drove back from Morgan and Beth’s by way of Scott’s place to visit him and his family. Then we drove back home for some much-needed rest.

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