Dogs help dig snow on driveway

I was digging out the snow on my driveway. Since it was a sunny day and the dogs hadn’t had a decent walk lately, I let the dogs help me. Most of their help consisted of running and jumping in the snow, writhing on their backs in the snow and running into the street so that I could shout at them to come back. Kota also helped by pathetically whining for me to get his favorite toy. Kota’s favorite toy was some hideous white (grey, really) rubber bone thing that used to squeak. Since it was mainly white (grey, really), I didn’t want to deal with trying to find a lost (Kota always loses the gosh darn things) white toy in a snow field, I wouldn’t get it for him. Kota kept whining and trying to climb the shelves to get his beloved rubber bone. He had this panicky, scatty look about him. I kept calling him to “get away from there” before a bunch of stuff fell on him. We soon fell into a routine:

  1. I’d yell at Kota to “get away from there”
  2. Kota would look forlorn and “get away from there”
  3. I’d move a shovelful of snow
  4. I’d look up and see Kota on the shelves
  5. Repeat

Eventually, Kota got the gosh darn thing and moved to the middle of the driveway to chew on it. A minute later, he got bored, put down the toy and wandered off. Enter Boomer. Boomer also likes toys but rarely gets a chance to play with them when Kota’s around. Boomer picked up the toy, wandered off a few feet and lay down for a good long chew. Kota returned, looking for his toy. That panicky, scatty look also returned. Kota started frantically searching for his toy. At first, I thought that he just didn’t see Boomer with the toy and was searching everywhere else. But, then I saw Kota climbing over Boomer and still not finding the toy. Kota and Boomer looked at each other then Kota wandered off to resume his ineffective searching. It was as if the toy had a cloak of invisibility that was activated when Boomer picked it up. It was easy to imagine a dialog between the dogs:

Kota: Pardon me Boomer, have you seen my chew toy lately?
Boomer: arfle mmuffle. I’m sorry. I had a chew toy in my mouth. You’re looking for your chew toy? No, I haven’t seen it. I’ve been too busy with this chew toy to notice yours.
Kota: Sigh. Well, I’ll keep looking then.

Kota resumed his search and Boomer resumed his chewing. Boomer eventually got bored with the toy, put the toy down and wandered off. Kota walked by, found the toy and everydoggy was happy again.

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